The Centertown is obligated to (and does) respond to all dispatched calls for service. As such, we are classified as an official Fire Department by the State of Tennessee, and are empowered with all authorities and responsibilites of same. However, the Centertown Fire Department is financially self-sufficient and independent of the Warren County Government, meaning that we pose no tax burden to our citizens and receive no direct tax monies.

How much does it cost to operate a fire department?

 The financial obligation associated with providing fire protection to our citizens is staggering. When purchased new, fire trucks can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The necessary insurance costs that are required are considerable. The pain of rising fuel costs is certainly felt by the department. Turnout gear alone costs over $2,000 per firefighter, and personnel are required to purchase many items, like radios and medical equipment, out of their own pockets. 

How does the Centertown Fire Department get money?

 The Centertown Fire Department relies on annual donations, known as subscriptions, to fund our daily operations. We ask that each household annually make a donation of $35 to the Fire Department for services provided. For corporate rates and multiple-structure ownerships, please contact Station 1. The Centertown Fire Department does not  verify subscription payment prior to response, or participate in "pay-to-spray" operations. The department will respond and perform at all incidents regardless of subscription status, however current subscription payment does waive any clerical fees associated with fire report acquisition.

You mean my tax dollars don't go to the Fire Department?

 The Centertown Fire Department is not the direct recipient of any tax money, meaning that no percentage of property, sales, or other taxes are specifically earmarked for the fire department, which means that the Fire Department poses no tax burden. We are eligible for grants and donations from government agencies, but no specific portion of any local, state, or federal taxes are regularly directed to the Centertown Fire Department, and the Fire Department receives no regular operating budget from any government body. 

Are Centertown Firefighters paid?

 No. Our personnel receive no financial compensation whatsoever for their services to the Centertown Fire Department.

Support your local Fire Department!

As the direct recipient of no tax funding, we rely on your support! Please send all donations, as well as the annual fee of $35 to:

Centertown Fire Department
309 Line Street
McMinnville, TN 37110